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Dec 31, 2012 6:00pm PST
our deficit and debt in line. the downside, we're going to be playing with fire again walking right up by the edge of the cliff. >> the tax rate and how much you tax, that was actually never really a grand bargain kind of discussion. that was oh, guys, you say 3, we say 4, whatever. the real challenge is all of the low hanging fruit for cutting spending is gone. you know, mitt romney talked about big bird and pbs during the debate and people laughed. it wasn't that laughable. it's one of the bigger things left you can cut. you can cut amtrak. there aren't a lot of things that are billions of dollars in the budget you can cut. you need to cut things that hurt, that people care about. >> the deal with the sequester cuts was half out of defense, half out of discretionary spending. that's where entitlement reform stands. there are ways to cut what the president calls accurately bending the long term cost curve. you're not cutting costs in a way that can reduce economic growth immediately, but you reduce the long term debt obligation for the country, which is what we need to do. both par
Dec 26, 2012 2:00am PST
spending, deficit problem, with the overall framework? or talking about a band-aid? >> personally, i don't think we'll get the big plan in the next six days. it would be great if we could. >> the whole enchilada. but at least if we can get an appetizer -- no, seriously. if we can get assurance that realistic work is being done to provide tax relief, regulatory relief. the two big laws passed previously in 2010. affordable care act, well intentioned, very costly and those are posing problems too. >> earlier this week, we spoke with grover norquist. you signed the pledge not to sign taxes. >> i did. >> he supported speaker boehner's plan "b" and said it wouldn't violate his pledge. here's what he told us earlier this week. listen. >> i think in fact, plan "b" is a good step to protecting tax cuts for everybody. >> if you look at current law, current law says as we all know, part of the fiscal cliff '01, '03 tax relief measures will expire on january 1st. at this point, everybody's taxes go up. we all know that. we all want to forestall that. >> how high are you willing to go? if not a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2